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The F.I.R.E (Financial Independence Retire Early) Movement

When you hear the terms ‘Financial Independence’ and ‘Early Retirement’, you cannot help but be excited and want a part of it. It sounds appealing. The F.I.R.E movement has been gaining momentum in recent years. The FIRE crowd talks about a debt-free lifestyle, healthy savings rates, smart low-fee investing and...

Retirement – The Golden Years

Retirement, as most of us perceive it, is the golden years of our lives. The perception of retirement, however, is different for each individual. For many of us, the word “Retirement’ would bring to mind a picture of a 70-year-old person sitting on a rocking chair with a newspaper or...
Personal Finance

Understanding and Managing Debt

The desire to want things and have them instantly in our possession is one of the root causes of debt. At some point in their lives, many people find themselves in a financial crisis. The crisis can be caused by situations like unavoidable medical expenses, loss of a job, college...

Investment Lessons from Two Towering Intellectuals

Most people have heard about the towering intellectuals Sir Isaac Newton and Benjamin Franklin who were born in the 17th and 18th centuries respectively but left an indelible mark in our lives several centuries later. Most school kids are required to learn Newton’s three laws and it is hard to...
Personal Finance

Getting Financially Fit

There are numerous steps we take to remain healthy or get healthy. We go on diets, exercise regularly, sleep for seven to eight hours, maintain a healthy mindset and so on. One of the reasons most people take a decision to go down this road is when they are faced...

The Most Dangerous Word In Investing

When it comes to investing there is a single four letter word that in my nearly two decades of active investing experience has proved to be the most dangerous. It is a word that has a positive connotation in nearly every other area of life. It is a word that...

Don’t Be an Average Investor

Don’t Be an Average Investor (Or how to be a more tax-efficient investor) When reading the article How To Retire: Kill The TV on Seeking Alpha, the following image caught my eye.  Contrary to what you might expect, the part that surprised me was not the paltry 2.6% annualized returns...

Dividend Intervals and Events

In our article titled “The Super Powers of Compound Dividend Investing” we discussed the benefits of investing in dividend stocks and how returns can be compounded by reinvesting those dividends. We also discussed other important dividend metrics like the payout ratio and dividend yield. We wanted to expand on that...

Four Simple Keys to Successful Investing

When I first started investing nearly two decades ago, I was lucky to have stumbled upon a book called One Up on Wall Street by Peter Lynch. The book was a simple read and was written by one of the most successful mutual fund managers who helped investors in the...
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