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When Is A Good Time To Sell?

A few years ago, I flew north to meet with a group of venture capitalists in Seattle and found myself in a conference room on the 34th floor of a building overlooking the waterfront and The Seattle Great Wheel. As venture capitalists, this group had decades of experience as private...

Should You Refinance Your Mortgage?

If you are a homeowner with a freshly minted sizable mortgage or someone with a seasoned mortgage that you have been paying down for years, the question of whether you should refinance your mortgage probably pops up often. There are several reasons homeowners consider refinancing their mortgage including,   i) taking...

Brokerage Firms Cut Their Commissions To Zero

There was a time when brokers, as members and owners, literally controlled the stock exchanges. Brokers earned commissions and also rebates on trading fees by providing investors access to financial markets. At that time, the brokerage commissions were fixed, hence brokers competed mainly on relationships with investors and the services...